A Sign of the Times: Choosing a Business Sign

6 Reasons Why Proper Signage Is Important for Your Business

Businesses generate up to 50 percent of their turnover using signage. They also convert 85 percent of customers within 8 kilometres by adopting signage. You, therefore, cannot ignore the benefits of using store signage. Here are some reasons why you should consider using proper signage to boost your business.

1.    It Exposes Your Brand More

Shop front signs advertise your business to a large pool of people. For the many potential customers who might not know your store exists, your signage will introduce your business to them. They will learn about what your firm can do for them, ultimately driving more customers inside.

2.    It Can Help You Build Online-Offline Integration

Nowadays, most customers go online to research about a store and its products before making a purchase decision. By advertising your online assets on your outdoor signage, e.g. your Facebook page you can pique customer interest in your brand and direct them to your online space.  This can lead to better engagement with them which may translate to more business.

3.    It Drives Your Differentiation

Shop front signs help you set yourself apart from your competitors offering similar services or products. Customers will gravitate to your store not just because of what you sell but because of who you are as a brand.

4.    It Is a Cost-Efficient and Resilient Advertising Channel

Shop front signs are relatively affordable as a means of advertising which is crucial in generating more sales without spending a lot of resources that reduce the absolute return on investment (ROI). Once you pay for the creation of the sign, it works 24/7 all year round no matter the weather.  

5.    It Is Flexible

Shop front signs are more flexible unlike billboards as you can swap them more frequently when your messaging changes. Today you can announce a sale, and two days later you can introduce a new product or direct customers to your physical store location.

6.    It Helps Create Positive Customer Experience

In-store signs help you direct the flow of customers to relevant product sections more efficiently. You can also communicate to your shoppers about various offers. Such use cases blend to create a desirable customer experience which promotes repeat sales.


Shop front signs and other types of signage can help improve your sales and can increase your firm's visibility at very little cost. Consult a design professional to come up with attractive signage.