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Three essential features to look for in the commercial grade signage screen you want to buy

To the layman, there might be very little difference between the consumer and commercial grade screen because they all have the 16:9 ratios. However, signage screens are different because they are exposed to a lot of dust other environmental pollutants, and they have to be on all the time. Commercial grade flat monitors come with a lot of specific features which enhances their durability and improves their efficiency. If you are thinking about installing commercial grade signage screens, here are three features that are a must-have.


Public places such as restaurants, airports and others present a unique challenge to the flat screen used for digital signage. Their delicate nature means that a small accident can break the screen and ruin your investment.  The standard enclosure has a bezel that covers the area that is viewable and a casing for the back. If you are investing in a digital menu board, ensure that the material can withstand high heat and grease. If the screen is installed outdoors in a rail station, the material should be resistant to corrosion.

Variety of inputs

Consumer grade flat screens only have a few outputs because they just need to be connected to simple hardware such as a DVD player. Your commercial signage screen, on the other hand, will have PC inputs, RCA and cable inputs, VGA inputs and serial ports. When shopping for a digital signage screen, remember to ask for a model which has RS-232 input for two way communication with various sending devices.

Durable hardware

Digital signage flat screens are very vulnerable. The screen that you buy should be resistant to the normal wear and tear and able to withstand the outdoors. Ask for the latest models, which are created with specific features for burn-in protection and other cooling mechanisms. The bezels should be enhanced to protect the screen better and improve cooling.

Other considerations you should make when buying commercial grade signage flat screens is the warranty offered. Since the original commercial-grade displays are built to last, the manufacturers have confidence in the product. They will, therefore, provide robust warranty programs for them which cover your machine for up to three years. Lastly, consult a professional about additional parts such as air conditioners, clocks, glass and others. These additional features significantly enhance the performance of the screens. Insist on an enhanced glass for long operation hours and fewer issues with image retention.