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2 Ways a Printing Company Can Help You Set Up a Pre-School Centre

If you are preparing to open a new pre-school day centre, you should consider investing in the following two items which you will probably need.

A stencil set

If you leave the walls of your pre-school day centre painted one colour, this will probably not be stimulating enough for the kids in your care. The best way to deal with blank walls in your pre-school day centre is to stencil different designs onto them. A printing and design company will be able to produce custom stencils for you. You can then simply hold the stencil in place while you apply paint to it. When the stencil is removed, the design will be painted on the wall.

You should customise the stencils so they reflect the different areas of your pre-school centre. For example, in the snooze section where kids can take a nap, you may wish to stencil a moon and stars onto the ceiling and walls. In the area where the children eat, you may wish to stencil images of their favourite foods onto the wall. Decorating the walls with custom stencil art not only stimulates the kids, but it also helps them to navigate around the pre-school centre. You'll also be able to use the stencils again in the future should you want to.

Some packs of stickers

Part of educating a child involves rewarding them for good behaviour. If children are consistently rewarded for good behaviour, they are more likely to behave well in the future. However, rewarding children with sweets or snacks is not good for their health. A great way to reward children for good behaviour is to award them stickers, which they can either collect on a report card or stick to their clothing.

A printing and design company can help you to create customised stickers. By customising your stickers, you will be able to reward children for specific actions. For example, if a child eats all of their lunch, you can award them a sticker which says 'I am a lunchtime champ'. If a child puts the toys away at the end of the day, you can award them a sticker which says, 'I am a helpful hero'. As well as including text, you may wish to ask the printing company to include pictures of cartoon characters which will make the stickers even more appealing.

If you would like to find out more custom printing options, you should contact a printing and design company today.