A Sign of the Times: Choosing a Business Sign

How to Use T-Shirts for Exponential Promotion

If you have a small business that relies on an unusual product or service solution, then you may be looking for innovative ways to boost sales. You may have tried conventional methods and have exhausted those options, and it may be time for something that is more out of the box. Why should you use a very creative approach and try T-shirt advertising instead?

Turning Heads

If you have a trendy or even hip product or service, then you should take some time to come up with a very unusual or thought-provoking graphic. Much will, of course, depend on your actual solution, but the design should be able to turn heads and get people to ask questions whenever they see it. It may be a combination of unusual fonts, vibrant colours and imagery and, crucially, it should be a design that people consider to be so cool that they would not mind wearing it.

Must-Have Item

If you can strike the right balance here, then you can create a range of different T-shirts featuring the design on front or back. If you position it carefully, you can brand this as a must-have fashion item and appeal to regular customers and prospects alike.

Giveaway or Charge?

You may choose to give away these T-shirts as part of a list building solution. In other words, you will send a shirt to a site visitor, so long as they give you their email address and authorisation to contact them again in the future.

If your T-shirts are particularly good, then you can cover your costs by selling them for a reasonable sum. You'll be able to have the best of both worlds with this approach, as the wearer will then become a walking billboard for your company.

Tying It Together

Remember, your new design will need to be spectacular, but it also needs to make sense. It must easily relate to your organisation's brand as people ask the T-shirt wearer for further details, so the connection should be obvious.

Easy to Find

You will need to ensure that your organisation is easy to find if you're trying to launch this type of campaign. You should have a very memorable brand name, and both your website and social media channels must be aligned.

Exponential Exposure

If you do this properly, people will love to wear your shirts (and even if you charge for them) and you'll get exposure exponentially as the design becomes a talking point.

Getting Underway

To get the ball rolling, get in touch with an organisation that specialises in these T-shirts. Start working on your cutting-edge design, and they will help you to get it printed on the clothing of your choice.

For more information, contact a custom T-shirt printing service.