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Two tips to follow when ordering signs for a music festival

Here are some tips to follow when ordering signs for a festival.

Ask the event sign supplier to add a photoluminescent outer layer to the signs' lettering

You should ask the event sign supplier to add a photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) outer layer to the signs' lettering. The reason for this is that when the festival-goers are wandering around the venue in the evening and need directions to a specific performance tent or stage, they'll look for signs that will guide them to these places. However, if the signs don't have any luminescent material around their lettering, it might be hard for people to read them after dark, particularly if the only lighting in the area is ambient (for example, if there are just a few strands of fairy lights on the surrounding trees). Ensuring that each letter has a photoluminescent outer layer will mean that festival-goers will be able to see them late at night and will be less likely to get lost. It is, however, best not to make the lettering entirely photoluminescent, as this material can be difficult to see in daylight.

You should make this request with the event sign supplier, even if you plan to put up lights around the signs, as the presence of this glow-in-the-dark material will mean that even if these lights break or there's a power outage, people will still be able to read them.

Make sure the signs are decorative as well as practical

Whilst the signs for your festival should be practical, it is worth working with the sign supplier to ensure that they're also decorative and fit in with the theme of the festival. You could, for example, have the sign supplier add glitter and faux flower garlands to the signs or add a scalloped edge to a plain square or rectangular sign.

The reason for this is that at a festival, people will often take lots of photos of themselves and their friends posing in front of features or props that are placed around the festival grounds. Creating fun, decorative signs that people will want to pose in front of will not only provide the festival-goers with lots of photo-taking opportunities but will also mean that the signs, many of which will feature the festival's branding, will end up on social media and will be seen by lots of people. This could be a great way to market this event, which could be useful if you're planning to host it every year.

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